Happy Christmas to all our members.

Another year has passed and yet we find ourselves approaching a new year. It has been a terrific year for our club; we have made our club proud of us all; and also; we are all proud to be part of this club. Paola Badminton Club has come a long way since its foundation; nevertheless our accomplishments have never faltered. We are proud to be part of Malta's leading Badminton Club especially when it comes to the junior players. We have laid out a systematic plan that every year we will step up our juniors to yet another level. We are organizing social activities whenever it is possible so that we will interact with parents and other non-playing members of our club. It is impossible to mention everyone that has contributed to the excellent performance of our club; however I am obliged to give my best wishes to the following:

President- Mr.Franz Vella
All Coaches involved in the training of our members.
All Junior Players involved in this year's historic win over our rivals.
All our senior players.
Annalise and Tiziana for their medical interventions.
Sandra for taking care of our monthly finances.
All committee members who sacrifice their spare time to keep the club active.
All other members playing in our club just for the fun of it.
All other members not mentioned above.

Happy Christmas and happy New Year
Looking forward for another positive year.

Charles Cassar