Press Release National Juniors Championships 2012

Paola Badminton Club has recently been extremely successful during the Junior Badminton Championships organized by the local Association. So much so that in the Under 13 category the club made a clean sweep of the honours by winning all five events. In the process Matthew Abela won the triple crown which means he won the Boys’ Singles, the Boys’ Doubles (with his brother Mark) as well as the Mixed Doubles with Martina Vella. Sarah Fava won the Girls’ Singles as well as the Girl’s Doubles partnered by Cheryl Gilford.
In the higher category, the Under 16, Jacqueline Grech Licari won the Girls’ Singles by beating club mate Sarah Fava in the final. Jacqueline was again the protagonist in the Girls’ Doubles when partnering Martina Vella she beat the Gambin sisters (Maria Angela and Paula, who are club members too)) in the final. The Mixed Doubles event Jacqueline also made it her own when partnered by a player from another club(Kyle Sciberras) they beat Owen Grech and Maria Angela Gambin in the final to become the second member of the club to win a triple crown.
It was Owen Grech , Dominique Francica and Catriona Francica that triumphed in the Under 19 category when they won two events each. The title that escaped Owen Grech in the under 16’s became his in a higher category and that made it even better. This was the Boys’ Singles, thus becoming Malta’s Junior Champion. Dominique Francica again became Malta’s Junior Champion in the girls’category when she beat her twin sister Catriona in the final. The Francica twins then won the Girls’ Doubles for the fourth year running and then were opponents in the Mixed Doubles Final. This time it was Catriona who was victorious. Partnered by Owen Grech they beat Dominique and Matthew Abela in the final.
The club is obviously most pleased with these results. Out of the 15 competitions organized Paola Badminton Club managed to win 12 and be in the final of the other 3. This achievement was only possible through the hard work and dedication of the various coaches of the club and of course augers well for the future of the club as well as badminton in Malta.

Franz Vella
Paola Badminton Club.