I am sending you this memo to remind you of our obligations towards the club. The club spends an estimated 12,000 euros a year to provide our members with adequate training facilities, coaches, shuttles etc. It is our commitment to promote Badminton to our members and young children. However sometimes we take things for granted and these things do not cross our minds making us believe that everything is so simple. The reason I am sending you this memo is very simple and straight forward; we must work as one team; we have to set a common goal and work towards it. Things have not been easy in the last years; as the bigger the club gets the problems will increase threefold.
On behalf of Paola Badminton Club I would like to remind you that our club is the largest and most dedicated club in Malta. We pride ourselves upon providing some of the best training, coaching and competition facilities, in all disciplines, for people who are 8 years old or older. All coaching is given by qualified coaches, who are trained, and screened for their suitability to work with young people.

In the last three years, our membership numbers have soared, helping our club to become more competitive, and, consequently, one of the rising forces in Maltese Badminton. The increasing numbers of our members are reaching local competitions finals, Paola Badminton Club is, indeed, a club whose players are moving forward at a fantastic pace, and we hope to do everything within our power to maximize the potential of all our members in achieving their personal goals, whilst, primarily, ensuring that they enjoy all aspects of their involvement with the club.
One has to bear in mind that with each and every hour our players come in for training with our club, the bond with the other players develops naturally and this is how it is supposed to be. We must support each and every player in all categories, we must rejoice for every accomplishment made by our youngest player to our oldest and most experienced player. We cannot afford to lose any member because of some sort of misinformation or misinterpretation. We have to look out for all our members and players irrelevant of their level of play; and if one of them feels left out or feels neglected we have to question ourselves Why? This is the way forward; and it is no shame for us to apologize for any negative decisions being taken.

If there is anything that is not answered in here, or on our club website (, please speak to the committee members or contact myself, or speak to any other club official, to discuss your query.

It is worth pointing out that everyone involved with the club committee is a doing this on a voluntary basis and collectively, they give up hundreds of hours each year to coach our players, administer the club, and to maintain its forward development. As PBC membership grows, its need for more coaches and helpers also increases. As such, we encourage parents and members to become actively involved, in any way they can (much more fun than sitting in the stand), in helping with the running of the club. The club invests in both its players and all its members as each is reliant upon the other.

We hope that you will help us in taking this club forward, be it as a player, member or as a parent who joins our successful club. Together, we can make PBC the best club for Badminton in Malta. We hope that your association with PBC is long and enjoyable, and enables you to achieve all the goals that you set for yourself.