Junior Championships Under 16

First of all we wish to congratulate our club players for taking part in this event. Paola Badminton Club proved once more that the continous effort that is being done by the club to promote the game to our young is giving good results. In fact in the under 16 category Paola Badminton Club was able to finish as Champions or runner ups in the different events.
Under 16 Men's Doubles- Runner Ups Owen Grech/Matthew Abela
Under 16 Mixed Doubles- Runner Ups Owen Grech/ Maria Angela Gambin
Under 16 Mixed Doubles- Champion Jacqueline Grech Licari who teamed up with another club.
Under 16 Woman's Singles- Champion Jacqueline Grech Licari
Under 16 Men's Singles- Runner up Matthew Abela
Under 16 Women's Doubles- Champions Martina Vella/ Jacqueline Grech Licari

As from the above results we managed to win three events and end up as runner ups in the three other events, a big prosit to all the winners.