Gozo Training Camp

Well we have to admit it, this year's Gozo camp proved to be another milestone in the club's yearly activities. We are still awaiting feedback from the questionnaires sent recently but i have the notion that we are only going to recieve positive comments, let alaone the lunch at Mgarr which turned out to be a little bit dissapointing. Last year's food was excellent with an abundance of food and drinks complimenting the unique taste of the food. This year turned out to be very different from last year as the food was poor and those who had " Cerna" supposingly were very much displeased. This was by all means not the organizers David and Tiziana's fault but it was the managment of Sammy's Restaurant who decided to treat us very different from last year. The Club committee would like to thank everyone who helped in the organization, training, BBQ etc and all of those members who attended as it was really a fun weekend in Gozo. we look forward to organize another one next year. Proset anf thanks to everyone.