This year we saw our club players take two out of five titles, the Mens Singles and the Ladies Doubles. We also had a near miss in the Ladies Singles. Well done to all the players who took part in this tournament, not just the winners but everyone who took part. We have seen tremendous improvement in all our players in all levels that means we are on the right track, out training method is right. We have increased the number of training sessions so that we can have more time to practice. We have to start thinking about next year, we have to start believing in ourselves and the capabilities we have. We have to start acting now if we want to win next years tournament. We can and we will do it if we all pull together as one team. Thanks to all the people who came and supported us during these tournaments, although we would like to see more supporters coming in to support our club players. Once again THANKS to all.
Charles Cassar PBC