Paola BC CHAMPIONS! 2016/2017


For the second consecutive year our club has dominated the Team Mixed League.

After beating B'Kara 3-2 in the first encounter and 4-1 in the second encounter our team was only 1 league match away from winning the team league.

The match was played yesterday evening against Luxol where our players won with a perfect score of 5-0.

One must also say that Paola BC has won the league with a match to spare which will be played on the 22nd of May against Luxol.

As a club we would not only like to thank all of the players that took part in the tournament namely, Matthew Abela, Henrik Thomsen, Sam Cassar, Sarah Fava and Emma Cook but also all the coaches , parents and other club members that gave their time to support our fantastic players.

Such achievements is what keeps the club going, remember it's never too late to JOIN US!

Well done all!

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