Very Positive start for Paola BC.


Since the start of the season Badminton Malta has been active with regards to tournaments, in fact it has organised a total of 6 tournaments. Four of which were ranking tournaments. They also organised ‘The Junior National championships’ and the ‘Team Mixed League’ which is almost half way through.

Paola BC having a good number of registered playing members has participated in all tournaments. Starting from the Ranking tournaments Paola BC managed to have a winner in ALL 4 tournaments organised.

Singles: Having the current best player in Malta made Paola BC a favourite in winning these tournaments, thanks to Matthew Abela. In fact, he won the first ranking tournament without even dropping a game. In the second ranking tournament, there was an all Paola BC final where Matthew Abela faced Owen Grech. Matthew was able to win this match again in two straight sets.

The third ranking tournament that was organised was that of Doubles which saw yet again Matthew Abela this time alongside Henrik Thomsen winning the men’s category.
The latest ranking tournament that was organised was that of the mixed category where Paola BC managed yet again to have another win thanks to the efforts of Matthew Abela and Sarah Fava.

In the Junior National Championships Paola BC players managed to win 11/16 categories making it almost a 70%-win rate. Which shows that the club has the best upcoming Juniors in Malta. Especially after the almost 100% from last year.

One must not forget the Team Mixed League, after winning the competition last year the club is yet again favourite to win this competition since it has already won 2/2 matches making it only 1 win out of 2 remaining matches away from winning the competition for the second consecutive year.

The club is really proud of all the efforts the players, coaches and parents are making so that the club can keep on improving as a whole.
We would also like to thank Derek Talbot and Conrad Neil Gatt (CNG) for their different types of efforts and commitments they are making towards the club to keep seeing it improve as a whole, your efforts are deeply appreciated.

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