Annual General Meeting

Paola Badminton Club today held it's Annual General Meeting. The meeting started in time at approximately 6:30 pm there were approximately 20 members present.

The AGM started off with the reading of the last meeting's minutes. After the minutes where read and approved the President , General Secretary and Financial Officer presented their reports to the members present. When the reports where read and queries where clarified it was decided that no election was to be held since their where the exact amount of nominations.

The new committee consists of :

President : Franz Vella
General Secretary : Owen Grech
Assistant General Secretary : Annalise Cassar
Financial Officer : Sandra Spiteri
Committee Member : Charles Cassar
Committee Member : Kenneth Vella
Committee Member : Edmond Abela
Committee Member : Patrick Cassar
Committee Member : Godwin Grech

CONGRATULATIONS to the whole committee.