Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

This year's AGM is going to be held on Thursday 2nd October at 18.30hrs at Cottonera Sports Complex. We urge every registered member to attend and take part in this meeting together with the election for the new committee Re 2014/2015. Let us also remind you that the new registrations will be coming out shortly and are payable due October 2014 for the period 1st October 2014 till the 30th September 2015. Only members aged sixteen years or older are eligible to vote in this election. Any member over the age of eighteen years of age is eligible to be a part of the new committee in the available posts,Apart from being 18 years or older the member has to have been registered with this club for a period of not less than 2 years.

The agenda for the AGM is highlighted below:

1. To confirm the Minutes of the preceding: Annual General Meeting 2013
2. To receive and approve the General Secretary’s Administrative Report.
3. To receive and approve the Treasurer’s Financial Report.
4. To consider any Resolutions and / or Motions submitted
5. To hold an election to fill these posts on the Executive Council:

General Secretary
Assistant Secretary
Committee Members

6. To consider any other competent business

Nominations for the above vacant posts are to reach the present secretary in writing or by e-mail by not later than Monday 22nd September at 19.30 hrs.