What a Season !

It’s been a long and eventful season with lots of breakthroughs, achievements and fun activities. Although unfortunately everything must come to an end, these are the things that happened throughout the whole season which was full of ups and luckily few downs.

Paola BC is a club that likes to organize a lot of activities, we don’t want the club to be just a way for the player to enjoy some badminton we want people to get to know each other outside of the courts and make new friends. This season we organized a lot of activities we started with the pre-season tournament which was a huge success with over 30 participants, then we had the Christmas Dinner followed by Bowling at the Eden Cinemas. On the 19th of March we organized the annual Hike and finally we also organized another team-tournament to close the season. We are now looking forward for September for our annual BBQ.

Even though it is always nice to organize activities the club’s main goal is always to achieve better results locally and internationally. This year it was a great year for mainly our juniors taking the spotlight away from the seniors. Starting from the Junior National Championships the juniors won 13/17 categories and were present in all finals except one. This was mainly thanks to Jacqueline who won 2 triple crowns, meaning 6 titles and Matthew Abela’s and Sarah Fava’s efforts winning 3 titles each. In the Junior Mixed League our juniors managed to place first and second place taking almost all junior titles throughout the year. In the individuals League our club’s members won 6 Divisions in all categories and came second in 7 Divisions. Although this is a good result there is still room for improvement, In the Senior Team Mixed League our club managed to come second which was a great achievement considering that we had junior players in transition to the first team. We also managed to come in second in 3 out of 5 categories in the National Championships. This means that out of 38 competitions the club managed to win or come in second in 30 competitions which is a great achievement.

Achievements for our juniors were not only on a local level but also overseas; the first tournament was the 1st Youth Zagreb Tournament, where Matthew managed to go through the group stage but was eliminated in the Quarter-Final. This was an international debut for Matthew Abela, Sam Cassar and Mark Abela this made them tense and they couldn’t perform at their best. Their next tournament was the 22. Int. Jugendturnier Meraner Frühling 2014 this time the three juniors were also accompanied by Sarah Fava which made her international debut. The boys this time were not tense and Sarah seemed to feel comfortable from the start. They all managed to win their groups undefeated with the boys reaching the Quarter-Finals, Sarah managed to reach the Last 16 and Matthew managed to come in second with wonderful performances. Mark and Sam also managed to pair together and reach the Semi-Finals in the Boys Doubles. The most recent overseas activity was the BEC Summer School, where Matthew Abela and Owen Grech attended as players while as Edmond Abela attended as coach and managed to pass the Coach Education level 1. The next adventure away from our islands will be in Scotland where over 10 members will take part alongside family members and other club’s members.

This year we had some major improvements and breakthroughs, we had a junior club member joining the Skola Sport. Sarah Fava will be the first badminton player to take part in the skola sport. We managed to organize better the training sessions so that juniors and players get more individual attention and finally which is the most important we kept on growing as one big family. Getting happy for everyone’s success and feeling miserable for everyone’s misfortunes.

Even though as a club we managed to achieve a lot we still strive for more since there is always room for improvement, our next goals are that we keep getting bigger as a club, increase more courts and also training sessions. With improvements such as these we will be looking for better results on the Senior level since juniors are now getting older too. We will also be looking to find sponsors so that we can keep on getting bigger as a club.

These achievements and activities could never be accomplished without the dedicated work of the committee members which voluntary give up their free time to help the club getting better and bigger. That is why we would like to thank the committee members, the members since there would be no club without the members, their families for the sacrifices they do you are greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank Badminton Malta for the increase in opportunities throughout the year. We will keep working hard as a club to make next year even better until then keep training hard!