End of Season Tournament

Paola BC decided to organize an End of Season tournament to close an eventful season. It was held at Hal Kirkop on the 13th of July .We decided to do a team tournament with teams mixed with players from different clubs and divisions. The teams had to play two Doubles matches and if the score was tied 1-1 a singles tie-breaker would be played. The tournament had a total of 9 teams which meant a total of 36 participants from all local clubs.

The 9 teams were divided into two divisions according to the players in the team. There were a total of 5 teams in Division 1 and the remaining 4 in Division 2. Each team played a match against all other teams in the Division and the one with most wins won his Division.

On the Day:

All participants were present at around quarter past 9 in the morning, which led to a slight delay in the starting of the tournament since we started our first matches at half past nine. There were a total of 4 courts being used continuously divided between Division 1 and Division 2 teams. Since Division two had one less team the division finished all its matches first. Therefore this left an extra two courts open for the remaining Division 1 matches. The last Division 1 match finished around 3pm and after a short break we made the presentation to the winning teams. Division 1 Winners were Kenneth Vella, Edmond Abela , Paula Gambin and Mark Abela with Damian Mangion as substitute since Mark could not make it from the start. Division 2 Winners were Owen Grech, Jordan Abela , Rebecca Spiteri and Cheryl Gliford. Paola BC also decided to give a small gift to the organizer of the tournament Owen Grech. The gift was an Adidas shirt with the name and country printed on the back.

Paola BC would like to thank all the participants since without them the tournament wouldn’t have been such a success and the committee members for the help in the organizing of the tournament. We hope that more tournaments such as this one will be organized from all clubs.