Three club members attending the BEC Summer School.

Owen Grech and Matthew Abela alongside one of our club’s best coaches Edmond Abela will be taking part in the BEC Summer School held in Vejen, Denmark. The training camp will be held in Vejen, for the second year in a row. Our 2 juniors will be training alongside 52 other players from 18 different countries. This will be the 33rd edition of the BEC Summer School. Matthew, Edmond and Owen will be leaving our lovely island alongside two other junior players on the 19th of July. They will be staying till the 26th of July and will endure hard yet productive training.

The BEC Summer School is a combination of a training camp for talented junior players and a coach education course open to all European nations. The complete training programme is managed by 8-10 staff of experienced European Coaches including preferably at least some national junior coaches with a proven track record.

In the link, you can watch the documentary of the 2011 BEC Summer School in Madrid ->