End of year Message

As 2013 is nearly coming to an end, I would like to thank everyone within the club for his/her commitment in keeping this club alive. It has been a very hectic year for the club and its committee to keep up with the financing of the club, together with the ongoing improvement in activities, training etc.
We had a positive year with a number of activities which were a huge success, although it was the first time that these activities were organized. The training camp in Gozo, BBQ in summer, dinners; Live in, and Bowling which is in the pipeline. I have to sincerely thank everyone involved in organizing these activities with me, however for next year I would like to see more commitment and involvement from everyone. This year I could feel a family feeling within the club, all of us trying to reach our same goals and objectives.
We need young fresh minds that can stimulate our club, promoting our club more professionally and yes why not changing our attitude towards other fellow members from other clubs.
We can achieve these objectives by becoming more self sufficient and do not depend on any particular body dictating our steps and movement. Our objectives are clear; we need to enroll young promising members who would take badminton very seriously, thus becoming elite players in the near future. We need to enrich our training sessions with clear training programs, designed to highlight those areas most lacking in our training sessions. We need feedback to strengthen our accomplishments. Above all we need your involvement and participation in each and every session we organize.

It is imperative to try and get more members to join in our club, as more members mean more revenue for the club, thus helping the club to go through with this challenging project.

As you can see we embarked on an ambitious project to improve our club’s performance from the lowest level to the highest level. I sincerely hope that we will be able to go through with this project without any serious difficulties.
This can only be done with the genuine contribution EVERYONE should give to this club in order to keep providing us with all the tools required to play our favorite game of Badminton. I would like to thank the President of the club Mr. Franz Vella for his valuable contribution to the club together with all the committee members, Annalise, Godwin, Kenneth, Patrick, Edmond and

Whilst thanking you again for your efforts, I wish you and all your families all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Charles Cassar