Training at De La Salle

Kindly be advised that training at De La Salle will resume tomorrow Sunday 29th September from 09.00 till 11.00 hrs. We will also have a training slot every Friday at 19.30 hrs till 21.00.
Also please remember that Paola Badminton Club is organising a one day tournament for all levels and all ages for its members and other players from the other clubs. This tournament is going to be held on Sunday 6th October at De La Salle starting at 09.00 hrs. Interested players are to notify Owen, Patrick or Edmond from Paola Badminton Club. Players from other clubs are to notify their club delegate by not later than Tuesday 1st october. Participating fee 10.00 euros for all categories, but it does not include any shuttles. Shuttles may be bought on site.