AGM 2013

Dear All,

As you know a new season is very near, summer is almost over and this is the time when we decide which members will be elected as President, Secretary, Treasurer and members. We also hold our annual AGM to give you a summary of went on during last season. The president and secretary will be giving out their reports together with a full financial report. During this AGM we will overview decisions taken in the previous AGM and reading of minutes.
All members are invited to take part in this AGM which is going to be held on Monday 30th September at 18.00 at Cottonera.
Members 16 years of age or over are allowed to vote for prospective members.
Members 18 years of age or over are allowed to submit their nomination for the following posts:

Assistant Secretary
Council Members

The present secretary Mr.Charles Cassar will be receiving a formal application for such posts until Friday the 27th September, via e-mail or formal letter. (, )
An election will follow to elect the new committee.

This is the Agenda for this year’s AGM:
1. Reading and approval of last year General Meeting
2. Secretary Administration Report
3. Financial report (supposed to be audited from person/s outside the committee)
4. President's Speech
5. Election of committee members
6. Club statute amendments and motions
7. Other matters.

Please note that on this day: Monday 30th September there will be no training before the AGM. Training will only commence once the AGM has finished.


Charles Cassar