Important information

For those who purchased the club kit, it is time for us to print them with our club logo and personal names if you desire.
The jackets will be printed on the back with our logo and club name. The T shirts will be printed with a club logo and club name on the front.
For those who want to put their name on the back of the T Shirt they can do so as well. There will be no printing done on the shorts/skorts or trousers.
It is imperative that we collect all the jackets and T Shirts by the 1st of June so that we could be able to print them altogether. It is very important that all the garments
shall have the full name on the inside of the jacket and the T shirts. There are various ways how to mark your garments, the important thing is that all garments have to be marked and identified after printing.

It is going to cost us 17.00 euros for the printing of these garments which includes all the printing including the personal name on the T’Shirts. After various committee meetings to decide how we should go about this subject, it was decided that members having bought the kit shall pay a fee of 10.00 euros while the rest will be paid by the club. Printing is a very expensive process especially when small numbers have to be printed, so please bare in mind that the club cannot pay for the whole fee. Kindly bring in all the garments by the 1st of June, Patrick will be collecting these garments and please inform us if you want your personal name on the back of the T’Shirts.
Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards