Teams League

Here are the results of our Mxd league fixture vs B'Kara 'A' :-

4 - 1

MXD - Steve Ferrante/ K. Ryabkova vs E.Abela / J.Cassar 21 - 14 19 - 21 24-26
MS - Stefan Salomone vs Godwin Grech 21 - 6 21 - 3
WS - Fiorella Sadowski vs Catriona Francica 21 - 13 21 - 13
MD - S.Salomone / S. Cali vs E. Abela / G.Grech 21 - 18 21 - 7
WD - F.Sadowski / K. Ryabkova vs J.Cassar / C.Francica 18 - 21 21 - 14 21 - 6

Just wanted to say well done to all my team mates who depite losing 4 -1, really gave their all in the matches. Thanks also to Kenneth for being there to support and coach us.
There really were some thrilling matches, especially in the mxd. Being 20 - 17 under in the 3rd set and overcoming 5 match pts and losing 2 match pts in the process was really nerve wrecking. It was a great comeback, well played Joanne.
The singles game was quite an uphill especially for Godwin who had a near to impossible task vs Stefan.
In the men's doubles Godwin and I played a surprisingly good first set and at one point even had an advantage of 10 - 4 on our opponents. However this was not to be and our opponents soon made amends to win the set and later also the game.
The women's game was a 3 match affair, which despite the low score in the 3rd set, was a game which, in my opinion, could have gone our way.

I would like to wish a speedy recovery to David Cole, who was injured in the Nationals.
Our list of injurys this season seem to be never ending.