And yet another successful story- Live in- Badminton Rocks

Date of birth, 5th April 2013!! Yes, that is the day “Badminton Rocks” was born

Day 1: Paola BC, yet once again, organised a most successful event, this time the aim was spending a few days together, in a fully sportive environment!
Meeting time was at 5:00pm, when everybody arrived, players were shown to their rooms to put their baggage. We met in the refectory where we introduced ourselves, explaining what the program was about: how we planned the weekend and what was expected of them.
Then off to the gym we went!!! Players were split in 2 groups: Jo’Anne and Edmond took care of the younger players, whilst the older players were at Patrick’s mercy. The session started off with some fun games, and this helped the players mingle and get to know each other better. This was followed by a 2 full hours of intensive on court training.
At the end of this first training session, all of us were looking forward to get back to the residence and have dinner: today it was “Hot Dog” night! Jo’Anne, Sandra, Blanche and Maria were all hands on deck to do a very new & unusual task: serve around 45 hotdogs. However their organisational skills stood out and everything went smoothly. Free t-shirts were given out to all the players as a souvenir of this event.
It was time for everyone to shower and go to bed, but this thought was not on any of the players’ minds for now. After a couple of hours of chatting and dancing we managed to call “Lights out” and everyone was now tucked up in bed.

Day 2: was going to be a tough long day. After breakfast we headed to the football ground to take some photos. This was no hard job at all, as everybody was more than willing to “strike a pose”. After this, Graziella, a Zumba instructor, joined us to give a 1hour Zumba session. This was a most demanding activity, especially for the boys, but they still did their best and it turned out to be great fun. Graziella offers these sessions for free, but those participating offer a donation for Puttinu Cares. We are so proud to say that all players put their hands in their pockets and collected the sum of €65.00(including the club donation). She was so overjoyed!!!
Patrick and Edmond organised some more outdoor fun games, whilst Jo’Anne and Sandra, together with Blanche and Maria, headed towards the kitchen to prepare a carbohydrate loaded lunch of pasta. The flock was back in no time, famished and with lots of adrenaline still rushing around their bodies.
Over lunch the coaches went through a DVD, showing many technical features. This was very useful and inspiring to all watching, especially the “We can make you dance” part!! Mass was also part of this weekend, so Fr. Adrian was so kind as to join us at 15:30hrs to celebrate mass with us. All of the youngsters participated in one way or another.
When mass was over and everybody got their rackets blessed, back on court we were, this time to the rhythm of the music. Patrick had some music prepared for intensive footwork, and it worked out to be great, as players of all ages managed to stick to the beat! Once again endurance training at its best!
Patrick’s aim for his group was endurance training: both on the physical aspect and with racket + shuttlecock on court, with various routines for game situations. Whilst Edmond and Jo’Anne’s aims were to brush up on most of the basic things children learn, like correct grips of the racket, footwork, body rotations, basic shots and learning how to keep the scores of the game.
At the end of this long session, players were rewarded with a few minutes of relaxation to the music of Enya; the perfect way to wind down a day of very hard work and lots of activities.
After everyone managed to shower and get dressed, it was party time. Pizzas got delivered on time and once again we were all around the tables devouring our dinner. Music brought the house down for the rest of the evening, but this time it was no struggle at all to call “Light Out” as everyone was exhausted!

Day 3: Sunday was dedicated to playing badminton games, so after breakfast we headed to the gym, this time in the rain, to enjoy the last few hours of this live-in. Players were split into 4 teams and these played against each other. After that, players re-joined their coaches and played individual matches against their peers. At around 12:30hrs parents started flocking in to join us for lunch. Once again the ladies headed towards the kitchen to prepare lunch for the players and this time some guests too. All parents and family joined in the fun watching a comical movie over lunch. When this was over, we presented a participation certificate to all those players who participated, and with the generous help of some mothers, we also managed to serve coffee and cake.
Whilst a few took care of clearing up the kitchen, we headed to the gym to enjoy some fun games!
And fun it was, because we managed to get almost all parents and siblings joining in, making us feel like one big family.

“Badminton Rocks” was a great success and everybody can’t wait for the next one to be organised!!!