The 2013 National Championships

Kudus goes to our ladies team Joanne Cassar and Jacqueline Grech Licari for winning the first National title of this year for Paola Badminton Club. Joanne and Jacqueline managed to outcome former champion Fiorella Sudowski and Klara O'Berg from the Birkirkara team in three sets. Our ladies started with a series of mistakes due to the enormous tension they had when they started the match. During the first set they tried to do their utmost but Birkirkara had already gained substantial gain in the set that they managed to win the first set. In the course of the second set we saw our ladies more focused and determined to win with less mistakes and more winning shots. Although the set was proving to be a very difficult one as Fiorella was firing all sorts of smashes and drives back to them with sheer force, Joanne and Jacqueline managed to control her temper by pressing more on Klara. In the last few instances of the second set we saw our ladies developing a much more aggresive game, thus winning the second set. In the third set Paola proved to be the more concentrated pair with a good number of winning shots coming from both players. Jacqueline was immaculate by the net driving the shuttle in the rear corners of the court making Fiorella run from side to side. During this last set we saw a number of precise shots coming from the more experienced Joanne making an easy win for Paola Badminton Club. The club thanks Joanne and Jacqueline for this title, together with a big thank you to all the supporters who cheered for our winning ladies.