Hike Tuesday 19th March 2013

It all started at aorund 9.00 in the morning picking up members without any transport from Paola and Haz Zebbug. We drove to Rabat passing the Roman Villa and going down to the Nigret roundabout. From there we drove for just a little while till we came to the intersection Bahrija/Kuncizzjoni.
We parked our cars there and started climbing up the hill to get to Bahrija. Edmond and his family were joining us a little bit later so we met them at Bahrija centre. It was a beautiful day with loads of sunshine and the wind was very mild. we took a few photos in Bahrija and some of the members took a quick snack. We made our way down to Bahrija Valley crossing a small stream of water. Sara was our culprit as she was afraid of insects, dogs and any sort of moving creature. Edmond put a frog inside Sara's hat and you can imagine the fuss she made. After going down the Bahrija Valley we climbed our way up to the point when we could have a spectacular view of the ocean. We took some photos there and proceeded to find a smooth area where we could sit down and have our lunch. The place we found had a spectacular view of the Bahrija Valley and the country surroundings together with the most amazing view of the ocean. After lunch we walked a few more killometers to find a nice area where we could have some games. We started with a few sessions of Tug of War which the girls were continously dominant. As the area we were was close to the cliffs overlooking Imtahleb we could not play with a normal ball as it could be lost down the cliffs so we had to find an alternative means to a ball. The cabbage wrapped in yellow court tape was our culprit. We managed to play for quite a considerable amount of time playing Prisoners; and Lions and Tigers with both games being won by the Boys. A country dog Lucky was also making his debut by joining us and running like crazy after the cabbage ball. It was around 15.30 when we decided to stop playing and head on our way as we had a few killometers left to reach our cars again. It ook us quite some time to finish our trail with Anna, Stephanie and Charles arriving first as they were fast walkers. The rest of the team came after a short time. Whilst thanking everyone for his/ her commitment to make this day a memorable one, we will surely organise something similar next year.