Mission statement

Paola Badminton Club is committed to promote the game with professional expertise, ensuring that our young players have all the necessary tools to become our future top players.

About Paola Badminton Club

The club was founded in the year 1970 as Paola Badminton Club but along the years the club merged with another sports club namely Paola Wolves Sports Club. At first this sports club catered for football and badminton only however with continuous effort this sports club managed to include netball and darts. Once this badminton club joined the sports club the club's official name became Paola Wolves Badminton Club.

Since the very first day of its foundation Paola Wolves Badminton Club proved to be a very promising club with a number of elite players winning title after title over and over again. Along the years this club managed to promote the game of badminton throughout Malta, in fact a number of badminton clubs were founded between 1972-1998. The club is administered by Mr. Franz Vella president of the same club and head coach for a number of years. Maltese national champions from our club included John Massa, Godwin Grech, Kenneth Vella, David Cole, Edmond Abela, Rodney Abela, Patrick Cassar, Joanne Cassar, Catherine Dimech, Jennifer Borg and many more. This club has been involved in a number of international tournaments, training camps, coaching seminars and umpire training with positive results, most recently the Friendship games in Sicily. The club through Badminton Malta has provided our players and coaches with professional training locally and even abroad.

In these recent years the club went through a systematic change to enhance the operation of the club, providing adequate training programs for its members and to promote the game of badminton in the community. The first change saw the birth of the club's first committee; this committee meets every month to discuss several issues and topics that need attention. The committee is involved in the smooth running of the club and engaging young children to start playing this game ensuring a safe environment for these children. At the moment the club is concentrating on the younger players and to date has been very successful as can be seen by the results that their junior players are getting in the National Junior Championships. In the year 2011 thirteen competitions were organized by Badminton Malta. Incredibly eleven of these were won by the Paola Wolves Badminton Club. This augers well for the future of the club as hopefully these players will represent the club very soon in its senior competitions.

In January 2012 the club decided to disengage from the Paola Wolves Sports Club for various reasons and it was decided to go back to the club's former name Paola Badminton Club. The year 2012 proved to be a very ambitious year as the club had to undergo even more restructuring. The need for additional training venues inspired the committee to work hard until another premises was found for our members to play the game. Other restructuring include the launching of the club's new web site and new training programs designed for new beginners, From the social aspect the club is continuously organizing a number of fund raising activities including summer camps, BBQ's, car boot sales and other activities. Feedback is a very important tool and from time to time the club gathers feedback from every member in various ways, i.e. questionnaires, appraisals etc.